We have seen the future!

The SpaceoutVR Founding Team

Dennis Adamo
Dennis Adamo
V Owen Bush
V Owen Bush
Ignacio Platas
Ignacio Platas
Agustin Abreu
Agustin Abreu

Think you’ve got what it takes to join the SpaceoutVR team?

Our mission is to join forces to build the greatest Space Colony in Virtual Reality.

• Explore a Universe of 360 Videos without leaving VR
• Design your personified Space automagically with PandAI, your friend in VR
• Create custom Space Modules based on the things you love
• Explore thousands of personified Space Stations and leave messages for other Spacers
• Play HEADBANGERZ the Endless Rhythm Game
• Rhythm.VR – Virtualize your personal music and SoundCloud account
• Visit distant lands with World.VR
• Browse your Facebook photos in a new dimension with our Facebook module
• Persona Crystal – Experience your digital brain uploaded into a crystal storage unit


We have many valuable partnerships with State, Educational
and Business institutions who are working with us to shape the
future of Virtual Reality.


SpaceoutVR, Inc.

SpaceoutVR, Inc. is a mobile Virtual Reality developer. Our product, Spaceout.VR is free to play VR MMO. We generate revenue from the sale of upgrades and VR modules that players use for entertainment, gaming and communications.


SpaceoutVR, Inc. has headquarters in Troy, NY and New York City.

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